The first of its kind throughout the entire state of Maryland (and the world!), this scalemaille flag has been masterfully reproduced using modern day graphing techniques and antiquated weaving methods for chainmaille.

Taking 400 hours to complete over the span of 7 months, this recreation of the Maryland flag was built one scale and ring at a time. As publicity of the flag started to catch on through my page on Facebook, I began to devote more time to completing it, because the interest to see the completed project was growing. This flag and the story behind it was featured in the Cecil Whig and the Washington Post, both in July 2017. It was recently appraised by a world-renowned Baltimore artist. Have a chat with me if you’d like to hear the story! A friend made a promo video - check it out:

84” x 42” (7.0’ x 3.5’ / 213.36cm x 106.68cm)
30Lbs / 13.60Kg
22,272 Anodized aluminum scales, 45,634 aluminum rings, 1360 steel rings

Scalemaille Maryland flag