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This initially started as a project concept almost 10 years ago, using left over steel rings I used for the coif. It draped over a wine bottle but was clunky and drab, due to the larger ring size and steel. I have been blending the port I have in a 25L barrel since 2000, and took a bottle of it to some owners of an Irish pub near my home. I decided to use the prototype bottle with the chainmaille to give to them. Several weeks later, I went back and the owner's husband said that the port was beautiful, but what made him remember that exact bottle was the fact it was covered in chainmaille. I figured if that little bit of steel would make the bottle memorable, why not use smaller, lighter and shinier rings to get a better resolution along with more ornate patterns? 

I will work with you to create something custom and unique, the patterns and designs are essentially endless with this type of project. This particular item is $80 because of the number of rings and glass beads involved, so your creation will vary based on the overall design.

Bottle can be included for an extra $5, once I finish the wine inside ;)

Decorative Bottle Cover