​How Do I Place An Order?

I am in the process of getting my online store up and running, so new products will be showing up over time.  Prior to creating my business, I simply took orders via word of mouth.  If you see something on this site or even on the Internet you like (provided it isn't copyrighted work!), drop me a line with the info and we'll work together to create you something you'll cherish for years to come.  


Payment and Shipping


I have set up PayPal as my main form of accepting payments, but you can still pay by credit card once you start the payment process.  At various shows where we'll have a booth, we'll take cash and credit cards.  Maryland tax of 6% will be included in the prices of the items, and shipping is based on the weight and service you select.  All pieces will be wrapped or protected according to the piece and shipped via USPS, with a tracking number and insured.  

How To Size For Bracelets


I learned a clever way to ensure you get the right size bracelet you want, especially when ordering online and not being able to see me locally, is to take a piece of string and simply wrap it around your wrist.  Adjust it to where you'd think it's most comfortable (space between your wrist and the bracelet, how it would hang resting on your  hand, etc), then mark where you have the string overlapping, and measure that distance from the overlap to the end.  This works great for anklets, if you'd want one of those or a matching set.  Most off the shelf bracelets are 7", and when I build bracelets for inventory, that's what I make them at.  Custom ones I can work with you for a specific size.  

Care For Your Jewelry


Contrary to the invincible sounding name "Chainmaille", the jewelry is anything but.  Remember, these rings are hand woven, ring by ring, opened and closed back together, so depending on the weave, they can be rather delicate.  Some weaves can be worn daily, such as the Byzantine weave, while others are so light and fragile, they are meant more for a romantic night out, and not to your favorite mosh pit or rave (save those for the steel and titanium rings!)

Sterling Silver will tarnish over time, so it needs to be cleaned like any other piece of jewelry from time to time.  Tarnishing cloths and jewelry cleaner works perfectly, just do not leave them in the cleaner for more than the recommended time limit on the instructions of your cleaner.  If you happen to have bought a sturdier weave and wear it almost daily, your natural body oils helps keep it from tarnishing as quickly as if you left it in your jewelry box, but it will still need to be cleaned from time to time.

Why Shop Here?

I decided to start Gallomaille, LLC because I truly love what I do, and to own a business or do a job that you love only seems to happen once in a lifetime.  I've always taken the time to make items by request, exercising attention to detail and ensuring that my customers are happy with the end result.  You can go online and see MANY styles of artwork and creativity within the chainmaille community, and I support all these other artists... I'm happy you chose to come here, but if I can't make something specific you want, I'll try to find someone within the community who can.  ​​


I want to provide the highest quality craftsmanship at the fairest price.  I take the cost of materials that I pay and incorporate that into the price of each item I make - a 6" sterling silver byzantine bracelet will not cost as much as a 7.5" bracelet of the same materials and design. My hourly charge is based upon the materials that I am using - I charge half what my normal rate is if working with aluminum rings versus precious metals (it doesn't make sense pay the same price for an aluminum byzantine bracelet over one that is made of sterling silver and rose gold, right??)  I've created a working spreadsheet that helps me calculate the costs of finished products, which includes the 6% Maryland State tax, so if you want to deviate from the design of a certain piece or change the materials, I can plug in all the variables and hopefully get you a quote you'll be happy with!

Out of Stock Items & Special Requests

If you see an item you like but it says "Out of stock", do not worry, I can still craft it for you.  I just haven't made any extra for inventory, and I try to keep the inventory low because of the nature of the items.  I want each piece to be as unique as possible, and to make one specifically for an order, to me, gives it more meaning for the wearer.  If I do end up making a special piece of jewelry for you, through discussions of what you want it to be made of, how big, etc, I will take photos of the process along the way, and send them along with our correspondence, so that you can see how the item you will soon be wearing was crafted.

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