***Please read before the 'About me'***

I am temporarily taking my store offline due to updates in my personal life (all good things coming!) If you are interested in a custom piece and still want to chat, please reach out to me at gallomaille@gmail.com. The store should be back online by May 2020.


About me

Welcome!  Thank you for visiting my website and taking the time to view my work.  My name is Brian, and I have been creating jewelry, armor & artwork with chainmaille since 2000.  I was always fascinated with the look of chainmaille, and first learned how to make it from a friend I was stationed with in Australia during my time in the Air Force.  He taught me how to wrap my own wire, cut the coils to make the rings, then do proper ring closures to form sheets of what many beginners start with: European 4-in-1.  From there, I moved to Colorado and learned about taking the craft of chainmaille armor and making other wearable items besides tunics and coifs.  I decided to work with precious metals when it came to jewelry, because I personally like the look and feel of silver, gold, rose gold, copper, and other alloys besides steel and aluminum.  I have been self taught with the various different weaves that make up the jewelry you see on my site, thanks to the worldwide network of "maillers" that exist, sharing ideas, successes and failures. I've since retired from the military, and decided to take the leap and finally create my own business!  


During the summer of 2017, I was featured in both The Cecil Whig and The Washington Post for my scalemaille Maryland flag creation.  It was completed September 2017 and has been on display at 2 outdoor art events in Cecil County, and is currently on display in an art gallery within a government facility,

Stay tuned to this specific page as well.  I will soon be posting videos and tutorials for those that have an interest in wanting to make their own chainmaille.  It's a very fun hobby, and you will truly have a sense of satisfaction being able to wear or display something you created by hand, using techniques that are centuries old!

Again, thank you for stopping by and I hope you find something you like, ideas to help you create your own, or just drop me a note with any questions or comments you may have!